Awakenings Project

Awakenings Project

Assisting Artists With Psychiatric Illnesses In Honing Their Craft

THE AWAKENINGS PROJECT is a grass-roots, all-volunteer initiative whose mission is to assist artists with psychiatric illnesses in developing their craft and finding an outlet for their creative abilities through art in all forms. The Awakenings Studio is a supportive art studio used for art exhibits, work spaces, writing workshops, play rehearsals, receptions, and more. THE AWAKENINGS PROJECT also works to raise public awareness and acceptance of the creative talents of people living with psychiatric disorders who work in the fields of fine art, music, literature, and drama. In the mid-1990s, THE AWAKENINGS PROJECT started as a single art show based on the belief that art fosters the healing power of creativity, support of community, development of competence, discovery of confidence, and sense of contribution.


West Chicago, Illinois






(630) 606-8732

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