Bottomless Toy Chest

Bottomless Toy Chest

Bringing Toys, Joy And Hope To Children With Cancer

The Bottomless Toy Chest is devoted to delivering empowering toys, craft projects, and interactive activities to hospitalized pediatric oncology patients. Our mission is to lift the spirits and promote a positive state of mind in young cancer patients by providing them with engaging, empowering activities while they are going through treatment. This year we will deliver over 30,000 toys and activities through our seven key programs: Inpatient Toy Program, Outpatient Toy Program, Tons of Toys Holiday Event, Red Carpet Movie Event, Hospital Survivor Celebrations, Toy-tacular, and Superhero Day. The Bottomless Toy Chest was founded by Mickey Guisewhite, who during her young son’s months-long battle with cancer, saw firsthand the healing power of joy, hope and smiles.


Troy, Michigan


United States




(248) 646-8931

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