HallieStrong Foundation

HallieStrong Foundation

Spreading Hope To Cancer Patients, One Fun Pair Of Socks At A Time

The HallieStrong Foundation provides hope to people fighting cancer, one pair of socks at a time. Hospitals are cold and treatment is hard. We want every cancer patient to not only have the warm socks they need, but the fun socks they deserve while tackling their darkest days. We send personalized care packages of fun socks, free of charge, to cancer patients. We also hand-deliver socks to hospitals and cancer centers around the country for patients to grab on treatment days. Founded in memory of Kevin and Bethany Hart’s daughter Hallie – who died during Bethany’s fight with a very aggressive form of cervical cancer – The HallieStrong Foundation hopes its socks are a reminder to patients that they are never alone in the fight for their life.


Downers Grove, Illinois


United States





(602) 653-0150

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