Simple Good

Simple Good

Empowering At-Risk Youth Through The Arts and Global “Good”

The mission of The Simple Good is to connect the meaning of “good” from around the world in order to provide inspiration, hope and possibility for at-risk youth in Chicago and beyond. Using Social Emotional Learning Core Standards, mindfulness and art, our eight-week program is designed to take students through a path of discovering different meanings of “good” by journaling, drawing and creating a work of art on their "simple good." By raising awareness about the everyday positivity that surrounds us, The Simple Good aims to empower youth to be forces of positive change in their communities. The Simple Good was founded after our blog of 52 international photos of “good” went viral, and we realized that no matter where you go in the world, “good” means the same to all of us and that is what connects us as human beings.


Chicago, Illinois






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