Unify America

Unify America

Rallying Americans Across The Political Spectrum Over Shared Goals

Unify America is a nonpartisan, grassroots nonprofit intent on fixing the way we make our national decisions. Our vision is to replace politics with problem-solving, conflict with consensus, and judgment with empathy by bringing Americans from all walks of life together over shared goals for our nation. Our first program is the Unify Challenge: a one-hour, live zoom call with someone from the opposite side of the political spectrum to discuss the goals for our country. We believe the way out of our nation’s current political gridlock is for Americans to see each other not as members of opposing teams but as one people who largely have shared goals for our country. Our mission is to enable thousands of Americans to find and implement a shared and ambitious solution, by consensus, to a significant national problem by July 4, 2026.


Evanston, Illinois


United States



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