Walking Miracles Family Foundation

Walking Miracles Family Foundation

Resources And Travel Assistance For Pediatric and Young Adult Cancer Patients And Their Families

Our mission is to link pediatric, adolescent, and young adult cancer survivors and their caregivers to the necessary resources to assist them to successfully navigate the cancer experience using our patient navigators. We provide cancer-related information, referral network connections, and transportation payments. With the goal of enabling West Virginia and Pittsburgh families to access the best treatment available inside or outside of the state, Walking Miracles has provided over $94,000 – in gas, food, and lodging – to people living in 33 out of the 55 counties in West Virginia and in the Pittsburgh area. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization also provides IPads to help keep track of treatments and connects patients, survivors and families with resources and referral networks that address issues such as travel, emotional and financial needs, long-term survivorship, and education.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania






(304) 550-9599

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