We Are Voters

We Are Voters

Nonpartisan Voter Education And Motivation To Increase Voter Turnout

We Are Voters is a nonpartisan nonprofit whose mission is to increase the number of people who vote in elections. We want to help potential voters take the next step by getting them to the polls, encouraging their friends to do the same, and facilitating passionate but respectful conversations about modern-day issues. We do this in three ways. First, our community events help people to register to vote and ensure they understand where and when they are voting in upcoming elections. Second, our ambitious K-12 education program introduces our youngest citizens to the language of elections and continues to grow with students through graduation. Third, our website, social media accounts, and podcasts explain everything from how elections in America came to be to how they work today. We do all this without asking whom a person is voting for or suggesting any particular candidate or policy. We just want people to vote!


Van Nuys, California


United States




(760) 533-3749

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