Well Of Mercy

Well Of Mercy

A Long-Term Shelter For Single Moms And Their Kids

The Well Of Mercy is a thoughtfully designed communal living program that supports single mothers and their children as they heal from past trauma, find peace in the present, and prepare for a successful future. We are a long-term shelter for single mothers and their children. While the women live here, we provide free career mentoring and job placement services, workshops to develop life skills, a safe and secure place to live for up to five years, private and group counseling for women and children, on-site daycare during school and work hours, and a loving and inclusive family environment. By teaching women how to break the cycle of poverty and abuse within their families, our program impacts generations. Since its founding, The Well Of Mercy has empowered more than 300 women.


Chicago, Illinois







(773) 274-4227

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