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CLOZTALK donates 20% of net profits back to its charity partners


Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Problem #1: Most charities aren't able to build a well-known brand and raise awareness for their missions. It's not their fault—they often have little money, time or resources for branding. As a result, people don't know about many of the amazing charities out there or the help and services that they offer.

That's why we created CLOZTALK®!

Our mission is to help brand these awesome organizations through premium charity apparel ... at NO COST TO THE CHARITIES.

We want to take the promotion and branding off the plates of nonprofits, so the teams at these benevolent organizations can focus on their missions and the people they serve.

We do this by designing and selling cool, high-quality, comfortable apparel that shows the name and logo of a great charity in our community!

We believe that clothes can spark conversations, raise awareness, and build communities through human connection.

We also want to help these charities raise funds. We don't charge the charities a cent or require anything from them to produce their apparel.  And we donate 20% of annual net profit back to them! 

Our Vision

Problem #2: Very few people wear clothes that raise awareness for a charity. is a national directory of vetted 501(c) nonprofits. People can come to our website to find a cause that inspires them and then support that charity by wearing its apparel. 

CLOZTALK® imagines a world where everyone commits to wearing charity-branded clothing. We envision a world where people harness the messaging power of their bodies and wear clothing that sparks conversations about great missions, and as a result, our world becomes more connected. 

Get fired up about a charity! Buy your favorite nonprofit swag! Wear it to the gym, on a walk, to get groceries, wherever!

Let’s start conversations about charities. Let’s educate each other. Let’s build communities.

You are giving your charity the awareness that it desperately needs. You are a charity volunteer helping to spread the good word about your charity's great mission. You are making the world a better place!

Wear because you care®.

Spark Conversation The power of apparel sparks conversation
Create Awareness Conversation creates awareness
Build Community Awareness builds a community of people connected to the charity
Raise Funds Charity supporters wear CLOZTALK apparel and 20% of annual net profits goes directly back to the causes
  • Spark Conversation The power of apparel sparks conversation
  • Create Awareness Conversation creates awareness
  • Build Community Awareness builds a community of people connected to the cause
  • Raise Funds Cause supporters wear CLOZTALK apparel and 20% of annual net profit goes directly back to the causes

    Having the ability to order branded clothing and gear without maintaining inventory is an excellent way to increase awareness about our organization and keep costs down.

    Sara Tyghter

    Global Lyme Alliance

    Stamford, CT

    Working with CLOZTALK is so easy and so fun! Our partnership has resulted in a lot more people wearing our swag and sharing our mission, so it's a win- win- WIN!

    Jenn Gibbons

    Recovery On Water (ROW)

    Chicago, IL

    We are proud to be partnered with CLOZTALK! From the beginning, they've made it incredibly easy...I had to order some Wild Tomorrow Fund swag myself :) and it did not disappoint!!

    Tori Gray

    Wild Tomorrow Fund

    New York, NY

    All of the merchandise is terrific - comfortable, great quality, logo looks great.

    Juliet Sorensen

    Injustice Watch

    Chicago, IL

    Our charity link has only been live for a couple of days, and we already have had a lead from a baseball program that saw us on the CLOZTALK website and is interested in doing a collection drive for us. How cool is that?

    Sherry Arthur

    The Sports Shed

    Chicago, IL

    CLOZTALK gives us a way to promote an organization doing great work while also supporting them financially!

    Monica Bryant

    Triage Cancer

    Chicago, IL

    What better way to help your organization and spread the good will and love. Plus the product they can create, produce and deliver … we say in Italian “MAMMA MIA .. Che Bella!!

    John Ambrogi

    Imerman Angels

    Chicago, IL

    Ideal partners are the ones who bring resources you do not have, have the expertise you need and deliver a high-end product that enhances your brand. CLOZTALK is that partner. Having less administrative burden and better style in our merchandising has elevated Dreams for Kids!

    Tom Tuohy

    Dreams For Kids

    Chicago, IL

    Love this site! Love their mission! Love the apparel! My friends are now supporting my charity after seeing my fabulous track jacket!

    Juli Rosten

    Imerman Angels

    Las Vegas, NV

    It is great to see all of these wonderful non-profits listed and to learn about all of the great work they are doing. It makes you want to support more than one. The quality of the apparel is top notch and sizes are always available.

    Sandi Robinson


    Chicago, IL

    The clothing is top notch and fashionable. I have purchased many items, and I will continue to do so!

    Melissa Moss

    Kids Have Hope

    Chicago, IL

    This ability to provide quality branded apparel to our constituents allows MDA to engage with individuals who don’t yet know about our organization, and with proceeds from CLOZTALK's net profits going back to MDA’s cause, it’s a win-win.

    Amber Hartwig

    Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)

    Chicago, IL

    CLOZTALK is such a great resource for charities that have enough to do without having to figure out clothing options on their own!

    Bradley Glassel

    Epic Experience

    Lake Mills, WI

    I researched CLOZTALK and they are a standup, charitable organization dedicated to the greater good of all people; my kind of company! I highly recommend CLOZTALK.

    Lynda Wolters

    Epic Experience

    Boise, Idaho