Dare2tri serves veterans with disabilities through health and wellness programs focused on swimming, biking, and running. Everybody Solar offers clean energy to fellow nonprofits, helping them reduce their costs and reinvest their resources into the communities they serve. Both organizations were recently featured in the...
From Inside Out Club’s 10th anniversary video to Intonation Music’s night out with a Grammy award-winning rock star, there’s always a good occasion to rock your CLOZTALK gear and represent your cause!

Why do we produce high-quality, comfy, mission-driven fashion that sends a strong message? Whether at the gym, grocery store or out around town, people are going to ask you about your clothes and learn about a cause that matters. 
IgniteHope, Grief Support Network, and Safe In Harm's Way inspire hope and provide support to three important groups, respectively: the cancer community, individuals who are grieving, and people impacted by domestic violence. They recently used the power of their logo-branded apparel to raise awareness!