The Gifted Gown, Epic Experience, and Imerman Angels brand their causes in style


Woman wearing The Gifted Gown CLOZTALK black t-shirt with friends in front of Madewell store

THE GIFTED GOWN provides formal wear to the community, free of charge, for all types of special occasions and celebrations so that no one misses out on the chance to experience these memorable moments. At a local mall, the nonprofit’s founder wore a CLOZTALK tee to make sure the party was easy to spot!


Woman wearing Imerman Angels CLOZTALK hoodie and woman wearing Epic Experience CLOZTALK hoodie outside on sidewalk.

Two cancer nonprofit leaders, dressed to impress, met up in Colorado for fun outdoor activities. Nancy is the founder of EPIC EXPERIENCE, which provides cancer survivors with free experiences in the fresh air – such as camps, white-water adventures, hiking and snowshoeing trips, and much more – to give survivors the opportunity to challenge themselves physically, find community, talk through fears, and share laughs. Jackie is the director of programs and outreach at IMERMAN ANGELS, which provides comfort and understanding for all cancer fighters, survivors, previvors, and caregivers through a personalized one-on-one connection with someone who has been there and envisions a world where cancer is not a solitary experience. 


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