Nonprofit Partner Spotlight on three important support groups: IgniteHope, Grief Support Network, and Safe In Harm's Way

IgniteHope director with candles

IgniteHope is dedicated to sparking empowerment for those touched by cancer. They do this by making candles that have hand-written messages of encouragement and inspiration hidden throughout the wax. These messages are discovered as the candle burns. With each purchase, they donate a candle to someone battling cancer and raise money to support those impacted by cancer. Director Patrick Lopardo recently staffed an IgniteHope booth to sell candles at a 5K race for the cancer community. He looked professional and approachable in his CLOZTALK polo shirt.


Grief Support Network supporter in tank top

The Grief Support Network (GSN) is dedicated to transforming the way individuals and our culture experience loss. Their vision is a culture that does not run from grief but embraces it as an opportunity for growth and connection. Through well-being programs and educational resources, their goal is to provide tools and support to guide individuals -- dealing with any kind of loss and at any phase of the grieving process -- down the path of mindful grieving. GSN recently ran an online campaign that included a photo of Executive Director Sarah Brown in her CLOZTALK tank top.


Safe In Harm's Way supporter in t-shirt


Kansas City, Missouri-based Safe In Harm’s Way helps people to navigate through trauma as they are facing or recovering from domestic violence. Their 24/7 online resources and services provide unique, trauma-informed, survivor-centric information for those in their greatest time of need. Critical to this care, they help people to identify hallmark red flags of abuse, from emotional and verbal, to financial, physical, and more. We love this recent Instagram photo featuring their beautiful team member rocking the long-sleeve CLOZTALK t-shirt to promote our new partnership. We hope this will help spark conversations and reach more people facing domestic violence.

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