Nonprofit Partner Spotlight Shines On Worth The Wait And New York Sun Works

WORTH THE WAIT eases the burden for young adult cancer survivors pursuing parenthood by providing financial support for fertility treatments, adoption, and surrogacy. Young adult cancer survivors can apply for grants to preserve fertility, adopt a child, hire a surrogate, or undergo fertility treatments. Grants are based on financial need and awarded on a rolling basis. And talk about incredible team branding!!! Co-Founders Mike and Megan Scherer (and their son, Elliott) know they will spark conversations everywhere by sporting their logo-ed CLOZTALK gear and riding in their branded jeep!


NEW YORK SUN WORKS brings hydroponic farming technology into New York City public schools to teach science and sustainability education from kindergarten to 12th grade. Through the nonprofit’s hydroponic science labs, students learn about food production and nutrition, water resource management, pollution, biodiversity, sustainable development, among many other topics. At the ribbon cutting ceremony for a local high school’s new hydroponics lab, a New York Sun Works team member looks cool and professional in her blazer and CLOZTALK t-shirt as she poses with supportive government officials.

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