Whether In A Posed Or Candid Pic, CLOZTALK Apparel Helps Raise Awareness!

Man standing with two women posing for photo and all wearing black t-shirts in front of mountains

Virginia-based LANGUAGE CONNECTS FOUNDATION elevates language education and language learning through professional development for language educators, scholarships and awards, research, and public awareness. The Foundation’s director and her family look fabulous and well branded on a hike in California!


Man wearing black t-shirt and eating spaghetti while standing up

Indiana-based GIVE A NOTE FOUNDATION raises awareness about the importance of music and provides grants for music education in K-12 public schools. The nonprofit has impacted nearly 100,000 students through more than $1.4 million invested in music programs at nearly 300 schools in historically marginalized communities. And as you can see, even when this board member is eating, lol, he is still raising awareness for his nonprofit by wearing a bold, clear CLOZTALK t-shirt!

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