Nonprofit Partners Spotlight: The December 5th Fund and Keeping Families Covered

Man in The December 5th Fund hoodie

The December 5th Fund’s mission is to give a day without worry to families who have a loved one afflicted with cancer and currently undergoing active cancer treatment. While the family is out enjoying their day, the nonprofit's volunteers are back at the family's house tackling household chores. When the family returns, it is to a home of hope and love, not a to-do list. This service offers much-needed support at home so cancer caretakers can focus on their loved one.


Two women wearing black clothes, including Keeping Families Covered hoodie

Home Roots Crossfit hosted a fundraiser at their gym and donated profits to Keeping Families Covered! The funds will be used to purchase diapers for the nonprofit's distribution program that assists families in need. In addition to its membership in the National Diaper Bank Network, Keeping Families Covered works to raise awareness about diaper need and period poverty while working to build sustainable programs in Lake County, Illinois. Kudos to Home Roots Crossfit for supporting this mission!

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