Nonprofit Partner Spotlight Shines on Culinary Care, SoCal Ballet Scene, and Pickles Group

Four people standing in front of a carrying case that holds a free meal

CULINARY CARE delivers free meals to cancer patients and their families because everyone fighting cancer deserves access to nourishing meals and community support. Team members proudly brand their cause in CLOZTALK t-shirts as they deliver thousands of meals, care, and joy at a time when it’s needed most.


Young ballerina posing while wearing a black tank top and skirt

The mission of SOCAL BALLET SCENE is to showcase the dancers and ballet organizations in Southern California and provide opportunities for the community to connect with these local artists. Their annual festival fosters collaboration and support among various ballet organizations and provides an educational format for the local community to learn about this inspiring, centuries-old art form. This ballet dancer fashionably raises awareness about the nonprofit by wearing her CLOZTALK tank top!


Baby girl with black baseball cap covering her head

One in twenty kids will experience a parent’s cancer diagnosis before they graduate high school. PICKLES GROUP provides free peer-to-peer support and resources to kids affected by their parent’s cancer. Pickles kids strengthen resilience, have fun with friends who understand them, and heal along the way. This adorable baby can’t get enough of her CLOZTALK cap!

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