Nonprofit Partner Spotlight on Picking Me Foundation and The Bottomless Toy Chest!

Man wearing Picking Me Foundation winter hat outdoors in winter

A supporter of PICKING ME FOUNDATION wears a CLOZTALK beanie to keep warm during the winter months! Picking Me is dedicated to raising awareness about Dermatillomania (compulsive skin picking) and inspiring acceptance about this mental illness for sufferers, allies, and medical and educational professionals.


Six women (three are wearing The Bottomless Toy Chest t-shirts) in a hospital lobby in front of table with Valentine's Day  items

THE BOTTOMLESS TOY CHEST team brought the love on Valentine’s Day at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. The nonprofit is devoted to lifting the spirits of hospitalized pediatric oncology patients by providing them with engaging, empowering items and activities while they are going through treatment. Dressed in their CLOZTALK gear, they had lots of fun handing out toys and crafts to each patient who entered the lobby!

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