Nonprofit Services

Arts & Culture
CyberSecurity Non-Profit

Providing Free, Accessible Cybersecurity Education, Knowledge, And Training

Difference Engine

Web Development Apprenticeships For Underrepresented Adults

Everybody Solar

Bringing Free Solar Energy To Nonprofits

Materials For The Arts

Providing Free Materials To NYC Arts Nonprofits, City Agencies, And Schools To Promote Creative Reuse

One Brick

Social And Flexible Nonprofit Volunteerism Without Long-Term Commitment

PennPAC Pro Bono Alumni Consulting

Pro Bono Strategic Consulting To Help Nonprofits Thrive

Pivot Nonprofit Consulting

Pro Bono Consulting for Nonprofits

Renew Chicago

Providing Resources And Volunteers To Chicago Nonprofits For Community Transformation And Renewal

Share Detroit

One-Stop Shop To Search For Local Nonprofits And Donate Time, Money, Or Items

Strongtower Protective Group

Protective Services For Those That Need Security But Can’t Afford It